Scots Pine Real Christmas Trees




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The Scots Pine Real Christmas Tree

The Scots Pine Christmas Tree has the widest natural range of any pine, growing right across northern Europe and Asia.

The Scots Pine Tree is fast growing, eventually reaching 30 metres in height.

Scots Pine Needle Retention

The best needle retaining tree there is, the Scots Pine has very long needles that give a lovely pine smell to any room.

Scots Pine Real Christmas Tree Delivery Information

Our Christmas Trees are available to order from today for delivery on your chosen day in time for Christmas 2019

Scots Pine Real Christmas Tree Sizes

4ft (1.25-1.50m)
5ft (1.50-1.75m)
6ft (1.75-2.00m)
7ft (2.00-2.25m)

Please contact us if you require a tree larger than 8ft and we can make special arrangements.

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