Norway Spruce Real Christmas Tree


The Norway Spruce is the  ‘original’ Real Christmas tree and for some people the only Real Christmas Tree.  It is available today in 5, 6 or 7 feet sizes.


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The Norway Spruce Real Christmas Tree

The Norway Spruce Christmas Tree is also known as the ‘original’ Christmas tree and for some people its the only real Christmas tree.

The Norway  Spruce is a beautiful tree when tended to properly, but because it loses its needles people tend to shy away from it.

But this is not necessarily a problem and there are some simple guidelines that can help improve Norway Spruce needle retention,

How to Improve Needle Retention on a Norway Spruce Christmas Tree

Needle retention can be helped by leaving the tree outside for as long as possible and then making sure a water retaining stand is used so it can be watered every day.
Commercial needle holding sprays are not very effective.  The Norway Spruce  Christmas Tree makes  a wonderful outside display tree.

This is a cut tree without roots and requires a stand.

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree Delivery Information

Our Norway Spruce Christmas Trees are are available to order from today for delivery on your chosen day in time for Christmas.

Norway Spruce Christmas Tree Sizes | Metric and Imperial

4ft (1.25-1.50m)
5ft (1.50-1.75m)
6ft (1.75-2.00m)
7ft (2.00-2.25m)
8ft (2.25-2.50m)
9ft (2.50-2.75m)

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