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Eden Real Christmas Trees | Video Transcript

Not long until Christmas now

Getting Real Christmas Trees ready.

With only a few short weeks  weeks until Christmas, in the last two weeks, we have been labeling these Nordman Firs here at Edenmill Farm.

As you can see, there’s a wide variance in the size of these Christmas Trees.

All these trees are nine years old.

The difference in height is quite incredible from here up to this one and then to here and here.

Christmas Trees are just like humans.

 Basically, the Christmas Trees are just like humans. They’re all different sizes and all different widths.

‘This one here, as you can see, last year’s growth is from here to here, which is only about 150 mm. You come over here, and you can see this one’s growing about 300-400 mm. Same with this one. This one has actually grown an awful lot more. Probably 350-400 mm’.

‘None of these four Christmas Trees would have a premium label on it and sold at an Edenmill Christmas Tree Retail Site.

This one’s obviously too small.

That one there, is not full enough, and this one here, has just grown too much in the last year and this one’s not big enough.

However next over here. is an Edenmill Premium Nordman Fir. Christmas Tree. 

As you can see, it’s got fantastic shape all the way down. The colour is really, really good. And when we label the trees, we mark them with a red label, which is 125 to 150. 150-175 is orange and blue is 175-200 cm and so on. This one has a purple label, which is 225-250.

Beautiful Nordman Fir Christmas Tree

If we move down to the Nordman Fir, they don’t actually come any better than this one.

Fantastic shape again, all the way around and right to the top. This one would get a yellow label, which is 2 meters to 225. The label has two marks on it, so when you come into the retail site, you choose your tree, keep the label, and it’s got a colour code on it for picking up later on.

We move down to the next Christmas Tree, again very good colour. The shape is quite wide. As we say it, at the top, we have a tree for everybody. Narrow or wide. This one’s quite wide. You’ll notice at the top of this one, there’s this cane. This cane is to protect the leader’s growth.

In May, when the leader starts to grow, it gets to about 100 mm, and it’s very, very soft, and the bugs come along and land on the leaders and break the new leader. You can actually see this has happened next to us here, where we have had a bug protector on, however, it’s probably hit the bug protector and slightly damaged it.

For this reason, with this tree, we would not take this tree out. It’s a good colour. It’s reasonable shape, but it’s just damaged slightly at the top, here.

We would leave this tree til next year and extract it the following year once we’ve had a bit of time to shape the tree in January and February. The tree blow us here, we haven’t marked. Not because of the colour and not because of the height, but it’s next to one we’ve already taken out, so this would come out next year.

Then we move the bug protector up in January/February, so it’s ready for me, for the new growth to come out, so the bug can’t damage it.

But, in January/February, we would centre trim the trees. Basically, that’s get an even better shape for next years sales. So, as to centre trim it, we would take the centre branch of every branch, right out of the tree. You can immediately see the difference this makes to the shape. This will allow the tree to fill out in space and not get any wider so it will be the perfect premium Christmas Tree.

Cutting Real Christmas Trees | Video Transcript

With only fifteen days til Christmas, I’m still cutting these Nordmam Fir Real Christmas Trees here, fresh from Edenmill Farm for all retail sites. As you can see, this tree; great shape, great colour, and ready to go into the netter now to finish the assembly now. For handling the tree to retail sales.

These are the obviously better trees, because we can take the branches here to get the premium fill into the ground. This one, actually passed through the  netter We put it through there, and then put them up in the front still and stack them up really, really high. Then we tie them all down. We can get basically, 70-80 Christmas Trees on the stiler and get them back into the grounds and they’re ready to go to the retail stores.

As you can see, this is the stiller. We put the Christmas Trees on it. We alternate stacking and we just lay them there. And, you can build this up and build them up to the very, very top there. And, as we said, you can get 60-80 trees, depending on what size of tree they are. Then, we lift it from here and out to the retail site.

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